Thursday, July 31

Before the Evangelium - Wet Perimeter

     Mathieu comes out of the massage parlor and walks towards the traffic light when a truck from the city hall comes up Ječna Street and stops at the red light. The truck sprinkles water up in the air to relief the summer heat. It creates a “wet perimeter” everywhere it goes. Our hero seeks refugee in the doorstep of a bakery nearby. A kid runs loose from his mother, takes the place where Mat was in the edge of the sidewalk and gets completely wet. The sun shines at full blast. Mat takes off his jacket and watches the kid play in the “wet perimeter”.
      The traffic light turns green. The truck drives away and the boy runs back to his mother. A drop of sweat falls from Mat's forehead. He does not even realize it.
      No cars go. Mathieu leaves the bakery doorstep, crosses Ječna and goes down Štěpanská. Soon enough, he is back inside the building he came out of fifty-seven minutes ago.

Wednesday, July 30

Before The Evangelium - Thai Massage

After the cloud passes, a sky of an intense blue presents itself.  Just like the man underneath it. He is also in a blue suit and a white shirt. The man just came out of a building in Štěpanská Street. He stops to set his phone's alarm. It will go off in exact 40 minutes. He puts the phone in his pocket and sets out fast up the street. Barely after a hundred meters walk his phone rings. Someone calls. He picks it up.
- Hi Vickie. How are you?
- Hi, baby, I'm alright. What about you?
- Fine, fine. Talk to me. I only have 40 more minutes for lunch.
- Well I'm just nearby your office - He looks afraid to the nearby restaurants and moves to the other side of the street. - Wanna meet for lunch?
- Where are you?
- I'm at Grossetto in Mustek. - our man relaxes and starts to walk normally again. - Will you come?
- Vickie I can't. My schedule is very tight today.
- Your schedule is always tight, Mat.
- Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?
- Yes. There is a party tonight at Cabaret. Juan says it's The White Night. He invited us. I was thinking we could bring Jose there as a farewell celebration.
- Yeah. That sounds good. I'll talk to him about it. I have to go now, I still have a meeting to deal with here. I'll write.
- Ok.
- Bye.
     He keeps walking. It's summer and Prague, like our man, is hot and dry. A few people cross his way and, in spite of the hurry, Mat still finds the strength to stare like a hungry animal at the attractive women passing by. Finally he comes to a shop in Ječná Street. The sign on the top says Thai Massage. He checks his clock. 25 minutes. Enough time.
     He goes in and approaches the check-desk. Pays. Picks a girl on the computer and sits down waiting to be called. At this moment his phone starts ringing again. He looks annoyed at it and picks it up.
- Tudo bem meu rapaz?

- Jose. What's up?

- I'm all finished packing! A few things left but I'm done. Naslenanou Prague! How are you?

- The same. Work is annoying me...Vickie is annoying me... Are you going to annoy me too?

- Don't worry about me, I'm leaving! As for Vickie, you decided to date her Mat, she's just fulfilling her duties.

- I'm not dating her. I just fuck her.

- She doesn't think so.

- That's where you're wrong. Vickie might manage to look great. She surely can fuck. But thinking is not among her activities.

- You bastard! - says Jose laughing.
- She is what she is: a great fuck-buddy. Of course she fucks better because she likes me! But lately the only real consequence this has is that my flat is a lot cleaner.

- Break up.

- No. I just feel like we need something to spice up things you know? To refresh it...

- Like in that song: “My Girlfriend's Girlfriend. She looks like you. My girlfriend's girlfriend. She's my girl two.”

The receptionist girl comes to Mat.
- We a' waitin fo' you Mista Lo'io. - Mat makes a positive sign to her.

- That's actually not a bad idea Jose! Listen I really gotta...

- Vickie just called me. She told me there is some private party going on: The White Night. Hot women, lot's of vodka and shitloads of blow!

- Yes, I have a contact that can get us in.

- Awesome! How did you get to this party?

- It's this guy I met: Juan Guayota.

- Guayota? He's Spanish? - the girl is staring at Mat.

- He's actually half British... Yes, Jose. He's Spanish. - Mat looks at the clock. Twenty minutes.

- What does he do?

- He has an office on merges and acquisitions. What do we care? He owns Cabaret. We're in!

- Cool. It's ok for me to come?
- Absolutely man, anything! It's your night! I have to go now. But I see you at the door at ten. Tchau!
     Mat hangs up. The girl makes a sign for him to follow her. Mat goes through a corridor clearly in a hurry and into a cabin. There he undresses and lays on the massage table with his belly downwards, when a woman's voice talks to him.
- Goo' Mo'nin, Mista Lo'iot.

- Hi. How are you today?
- Fine.

     The woman starts to massage him. Mat closes his eyes, but doesn't manage to relax. The hands scarcely started doing Mat's back, when he turns around and faces her. The girl smiles, but looks to the floor. She is around twenty, twenty-two years old and Asian. She wears only a short skirt, her bare breasts are stiff and her nipples dark. Mat starts fondling her. She keeps on massaging him, focusing her eyes on his chest and shoulders, while slowly moving down towards his belly. Mat slides his hands from her boobs down to her belly and under her skirt. First he grabs her ass. Then moves his hand to the front between her legs. The girl looks into his eyes, while Mat continues to fondle her pussy. Her hands slide down and she starts to jerk him off. Mat sits down, licking her breasts and grabbing her pussy intensely, while she masturbates him harder. The girl starts moaning, when Mat has an orgasm.
     She looks happily at him, grabs a napkin and starts to clean her hands.
    At that moment Mat's alarm sets off. He picks up his phone, which was laying on top of his clothes and turns it off.
- Ten to one. Perfect timing! - Mat pats her in the face.
- This is for your amazing efficiency my dear ...– says Mat putting an extra bill on the little table next to the massage table. He gazes at her and finally says –... china girl.
- Vietnam.

- I beg your pardon?

- Me, Vietnam.
- Of course you are. I was joking. Don't you know the song? - Mat starts singing “China Girl”. She giggles. Mat looks pleased at her.

Before The Evangelium - INTRO

Dear readers.

To whomever this might be of interest I here post a work version of Before The Evangelium.
A Story of Sweat, Blood, Tears and Sperm.

As a good author once said :
"We buy balloons, we let them go."

I hope you enjoy it
Cesar Mendonca

Before The Evangelium

Curtains open. A couple of girls do a sexual dance. A man appears from the back of the stage. He wears an elegant tuxedo and make up. The audience cheers for him. He calms them heartily and comes to the front.

     Good evening a todos! It's a great pleasure to be here tonight to present to you a special show. The ultimate event to be ever experienced in this still medieval Prague.
This is an old tale, like all the stories in the face of this earth. But we don't give a fuck about it. We are just looking for some excuses to show you some tits and cocks! After all sweat, blood and tears are a good mix but those british hard asses didn't realize that in order for things to work you gotta put some sperm in there. – he clenches his teeth with excitement. The audience cheers with satisfaction.
     Let's get to our first character: a villain, el malo. A villain because I'm telling this story and the villain is me. Nothing is better than being the villain. You get things going. My name is long known in this world, but for today you will know me as Juan.

Juan makes a wide gesture with his hand he snaps his fingers. A girl comes into the stage. She's a brunette with short hair wearing a blue suit and a white shirt. He takes off her jacket, unbuttons her shirt. She has beautiful tits. Juan feels them up a bit, sucks on it and says.

     People say that life spins around power. Bullshit! The only reason men want money - Juan turns the girls around pulls down her trousers and panties and bends her. - is so that they can get to this. Because the universe spins around PUSSY!

-    Do you like pussy? - screams Juan hysterically. 
-    Yeahhhhh! - cheers the crowd like crazy, as Juan grabs the bent girl's ass like a maniac then looks pleased at them.

     A matter of survival. Men live and die for it! That's what makes the world go round! - Juan sends the naked brunette away with a slap on the butt.
This story needs to get on the road. We have women already. That's our terrain, the ground we walk. Even if sometimes there is an earthquake and then no one is sure about anything anymore.

-    Lights!

A searchlight goes through the audience.

     And now, for without this pathetic character there is no story, we need a hero. “It strikes me profoundly that the world is more often than not a bad and cruel place.” So lets choose this sucker!. After all in order for a story to be interesting, we need a man. A puppet we can mistreat and break, like the cruel kids we are. Who shall we pick? That one? No. He looks more evil than me. He could even rob us. The other one? Too coward! - looks around some - Ow, my goodness what's that? A pure heart! Too good! I'd be afraid of divine interference using him. Go visit a church! - finally he looks pleased at someone - You! You look fine. Selfish, but clearly thinks of himself as a good guy. Ha! We got it. That's our guy! 
The light moves through the audience towards the chosen person. It's white spreads cleaner and cleaner like a cloud in the sky.